Kids IP Day


LES Kids IP Day (

On March 17, LESI and LES Societies around the world annually celebrate Kid’s IP Day!

Our young people will impact and be the creators of our tomorrow.  We believe understanding IP will be integral in their education.  This special day is organized as a tribute in memory of the late Patrick Terroir — a passionate and dedicated, long-term LES member and mentor to many in our organization.  Patrick championed this cause and had wanted very much to organize this celebration himself for the global LESI family.

We picked March 17 to celebrate (a day, quite appropriately, when St. Patrick’s Day is also celebrated in many places around the world)

In 2022, LESI created a common slide deck for LES Societies around the world to use in their outreach (and translated this deck in multiple languages).  Please share these decks with young people in your lives.

LES Kids IP Day (