Intermediate Licensing Workshop

The what, why and how of a Licence Agreement: Core concepts and practices for structuring, negotiation and drafting.

Melbourne (Australia), 29 October 2018

A clear understanding of the structuring and content of a licence agreement is often ‘assumed knowledge’ for IP professionals and their advisers, but how many have spent the time to understand the key concepts behind each provision, and why these documents have evolved in the manner they have?

Who should attend:

  • IP managers and business development managers
  • Commercialisation and licensing professionals
  • Legal practitioners and patent attorneys
  • More experienced people looking to build on their experience and ensure they are up-to-date with current practices.

The workshop will provide attendees with a framework for understanding a licence agreement based on legal and commercial concepts and real world experience, providing a base for more effective negotiation and drafting of licensing agreements. The workshop will feature interactive sessions, and opportunities to apply knowledge of different concepts to a licensing scenario, individually and in groups.

This is an intermediate level course: some knowledge of intellectual asset management and basic licensing concepts is assumed.

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