2022 Annual Conference: “New Horizons – Creating the Future”

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Hybrid, 4-6 April 2022

Australia and New Zealand generate high value innovative technologies and commercial opportunities to meet future local and global market demands.

The 2022 conference theme ‘New Horizons – Creating the Future’ delves into topics of particular relevance to Australia and New Zealand, with online sessions covering ‘Energy’, ‘Space’, ‘Emerging bio-tech’, ‘Health innovation’, ‘Agritech and beyond’ and ‘Sports technology’, each topic delivered by one of the regions: Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and New Zealand, thereby covering the entire range of LESANZ time zones.

The conference sessions will provide a diverse and engaging insight into evolving technologies, commercialisation opportunities, partnerships and collaborations, and licensing/use of IP, within the context of market push-pull, and environmental and socio-economic factors, from an Australian and New Zealand perspective for the future.

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