Circular Economy: new challenges and the perspective of industry

Online, 22 Jun2 2023

Circular economy is a trend topic, on top of the EU agenda: in 2022 the European Commission has issued two packages of measures to implement a circular economy action plan that dates back to 2020. The boost to circular economy is not only a matter of environment, but also a matter of business. Circular Economy is essential to save our planet, but is also an opportunity for companies to develop new business models fostering innovation and making revenues out of it.

In this webinar, the LESI Innovation Trends Committee will present two study cases from two important EU companies that will present how they approached circular economy and sustainability.

Moderator: Antonio Di Bernardo (THINX)


  • Sonja London (TactoTek)
  • Julien Thiel (DEASYL)
  • Andrè Gorius (WINNOTEK)

This event is free to participants and will be repeated twice on Thursday, 22 June 2023.

Register for the Session 1 @ 10:00am CET HERE.
Register for the Session 2 @ 3:00pm CET HERE.