LESI Thought Leadership Program – Track 1: SEPs

Webinar, 29 September 2022

#0 Primer on Licensing and Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)

This session provides an introduction to the issues that will be discussed in Track 1 and analyzes actively around Standard Essential Patents from four different points of views – from those inside Standard Setting Organizations (SSOs), from Industry, from the Licensing perspective and those viewing the legal implications.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Gustav Brismark, founder and CEO of Kazehara AB (moderator)
  • Mattia Fogliacco, President, Sisvel
  • Carter Eltzroth, Legal Director, DVB.org
  • Matteo Sabattini, Director IP Policy at Ericsson and LES USA and Canada SVP for Standards

The next 3 sessions in this track will look at specific standards: mobile communications, Wi-fi and Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB).  A final session will be held in person at the LESI 2023 Conference in Montreal pulling to get the key take aways from our year-long discussions.

This event is free to participants.

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