WIPO-LESI Joint Webinar Session


Tuesday, May 5 @ 9.00 EDT / 15.00 CET

Via Zoom

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Please join LES next week for a Joint LESI-WIPO Seminar on WIPO update on operations and recent WIPO activities related to patents.

LESI has had a strong and long working relationship with WIPO to provide education and information on the IP system to enhance efforts to identify and address intellectual property emerging issues relevant to high-growth, innovative businesses and licensing professionals.  In 2010, LESI signed an MOU with WIPO to enhance the organizations joint activities related to “outreach and educational programs as well as exchange of information in the areas of licensing and commercialization of intellectual property (IP).   The seminar is one in a series of activities pursuant to that MOU.   LESI is also exploring other related initiatives with WIPO.

Dana Robert Colarulli, LESI Executive Director, and Natalie Raffoul, Co-Chair of the LESI Education Committee will kick off a discussion with four WIPO officials for this FREE 90 minute session to discuss:

  • The Status of WIPO Operations during the COVID-19 period; and
  • Updates on various WIPO activities and substantive issues related to:
    • the PCT System;
    • the Standing Committee on Patents and its future agenda;
    • the work of the International Bureau regarding the Paris Convention and Patent Law Treaty; and
    • Inventor Assistance Program.

For more information on the speakers and to register for this event, please visit the  LESI website at:


The webinar is free to all LES Members (registration is required)